More States Equals Big Opportunity for Bettors

Jan 16, 2020 | Betting Tips, News

When I first moved to Vegas, I had six different unique companies to wager with in Downtown alone, not to mention over a dozen more spots on the Strip.  Oh how times have changed.  Currently, there are only a handful of places that take my action in Las Vegas, and the number seems to be shrinking.

I have been banned from William Hill for well over a year, a pretty standard practice for them.  They identify long term winning bettors and then unilaterally decide not to take their action.  I’m sorry, I thought this was America.  Eventually, Cantor Gaming and Caesars Book will be William Hill properties, leaving only Mirage, Southpoint, Westgate, Stations, Circa, Wynn and the Golden Coast as options, some of which restrict my action to a few hundred bucks per wager.  Sigh.

As a result, I find myself traveling more and more to my home state of New Jersey, often for weeks at a time, to bet games with over a dozen companies to choose from.

Most of these books are internet based, meaning they have sports betting apps.  In Nevada, if I place my wager over an app, I am generally limited to 1/4 or even 1/10th of the wager that they will take over the counter.  In Jersey, when you sign up, you get full limits on the app.  This may eventually change if they identify you as a sharp or you continue to beat the closing line.  Currently, I have six places in Jersey that I can bet without restriction.

To say I cannot wait for more new jurisdictions to legalize sports wagering following the May 2018 Supreme Court decision would be an understatement.  This week Kentucky lawmakers took a step toward legalizing sports betting, voting unanimously to send the bill to the house floor.  I truly believe Kentucky will quickly grow to be one of the top revenue grossing states in the country.  People love sports in Kentucky and love to gamble.  In fact, some of the most successful gamblers in the world are from the Bluegrass state.  It also is well positioned geographically to nearby cities such as Memphis, Nashville, Cincinnati, and St. Louis, while betting legislation remains stalled in those nearby states.

I look forward to visiting the new states that offer sports wagering…but it will be even more impactful to my business when the new sports books represented in these new jurisdictions plant their flag in Nevada.  Not only will this provide more places to wager, but it will benefit bettors as a whole by providing more competition for the books.  Like any business, new companies offer perks to gain new customers.  This will force the established books to offer incentives to its customers to entice them to stay.

As the legal marketplace for sports wagering grows, bettors will benefit tremendously from more outs and more competition.  For professionals like me that win long-term and get banned/restricted, it will bring an even bigger opportunity.  And it will benefit KrackWins nation alike as you bet sharp numbers with me.

Lastly, like many of you, I am really looking forward To this weekend’s AFC and NFC championships games.  Everyone will be watching and I know you all will be eager to make a wager.  Word to the wise, please exhibit control with respect to your bankroll and do not bet more than your normal wager during the year.  Don’t try to double your winnings or chase your losses on the last three games of the year.  Enjoy the games!

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Author: Bill Krackomberger

Author: Bill Krackomberger

Professional Sports Bettor

I love to help and to teach people what I have learned the last twenty-five years as a consistently winning sports bettor.  I have been a guest on many networks, including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, VSIN and radio shows coast to coast as well as am featured in the new Showtime series “Action”.  Download my app KrackWins to get my picks in live time.

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