Weekly Recap, Bad Beats, and Looking Ahead – 1/22

Jan 22, 2020 | NBA, NCAAB, News, NFL, Weekly Recap

The coolest thing about starting KrackWins has been building our community of bettors.  We really have created an ecosystem of folks who are learning to wager the right way: how to bet and how not to bet, what to look for in lines, and how to manage a bankroll.

The books, while fun and exciting to visit with your friends, are there for one reason and one reason only: to take your hard earned money.  They squeeze you at every opportunity, whether it be with a bad number, increased juice, or taking certain advantage plays off the board.  Always remember that – they are not your friend.

What I want to do with KrackWins is to help level the playing field.  Provide sharp information to bettors so they can gain some of that advantage back.  As I have said a million times, everyone can have a lucky day, week, or even month.  But to be a successful bettor over the long term is a very rare thing.  And while I don’t always win and maybe even have a few bad weeks here or there, KrackWins subscribers always are getting the best information in the world and the proof is in the pudding – we are on the right side of line moves 99% of the time, if not more.

I am really looking forward to the Super Bowl this year – and not just for the action.  Kansas City fans are some of the most passionate and loyal in the country and the fact that this is their first Super Bowl in my lifetime is hard to believe.  As for the 49ers, they are a great story too.  Making the leap from 4-12 to the Super Bowl?  Only one team in league history, the 1999 Kurt Warner led Rams, had ever accomplished such a feat.  While many predicted they would improve, no one had the 49ers going to the Super Bowl.  No one, except  the KrackWins premium subscribers who saw their +2000 future bet from August pay off big!  We will have a lot of great prop bets for the big game so stay tuned and make sure and to get action on them as early as you can, since they will move lightening quick.

The San Fran future bet win was just part of a great week…

NCAAB went 10-7 (+4.6 units).  What else can I say about the NBA, after a 7-2-1 week (+7.2 units)?  NHL 2-2 (-.13 units).  College Championship and NFL Playoff Props 2-3-1 (-.97 units).  49ers Future (+33 units).  Overall 22-14-2 (+43.7 units).

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Author: Bill Krackomberger

Author: Bill Krackomberger

Professional Sports Bettor

I love to help and to teach people what I have learned the last twenty-five years as a consistently winning sports bettor.  I have been a guest on many networks, including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, VSIN and radio shows coast to coast as well as am featured in the new Showtime series “Action”.  Download my app KrackWins to get my picks in live time.

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