Weekly Recap and Looking Ahead – 3/4

Mar 4, 2020 | News, Weekly Recap

People feel the passing of time in a variety of ways.  Some rely on the changes in weather as summer turns to fall.  Others may gauge time by watching their children grow or hit milestones.  As for me, my clock has always been driven by the sporting events that are dominating the landscape at the time.  The New Year is not marked by the dropping of the ball in Times Square or making resolutions, but by the start of the NFL playoffs and college bowl games.  It doesn’t feel like Fall because the temperature starts to drop, but rather when baseball teams start to eye the World Series.  Similarly, Spring arrives in full bloom, not with flowers, but with the start of the college basketball conference tournaments and the release of the March Madness bracket.

I don’t know about you, but this college hoops season has been a blur.  Honestly, I think it has been an odd season for a number of reasons.  First of all, this year just lacks the star power of years past.  There’s no Zion Williamson, Trae Young, or Lonzo Ball grabbing the headlines.  In fact, the projected player of the year this year is named, (hold on while I double check this) Obadiah Toppin, ever heard of him?  Stars drive ratings and, this year, the marquee names are few and far between.

Additionally, there really is no dominant team (or teams) that has truly separated itself as in years past.  No squad grabbed every headline like the undefeated Kentucky team from a few years ago, or the dominant NBA-in-waiting Duke team from last year.  In fact, outside the top few teams, most contenders have 5, 6, 7 losses.  And how about those top seeds?  Sure Kansas is there as always, but they are joined by outsiders such as Baylor, Dayton, San Diego State, and Seton Hall.  There are legitimately 15 teams that could end up cutting down the nets in a few weeks.  I personally enjoy the parity from an excitement standpoint.  More broadly, no clear favorites and Cinderellas makes games more difficult for oddsmakers to handicap and will definitely lead to lower TV ratings.

So, I am excited for the Madness to begin.  We traditionally excel during the conference tournaments and the first two rounds of the NCAA Tourney (going 17-6 last year).  As you know, this year has been anything but traditional with CBB, but I am ready to end the year on a high note and crush the tourney before we shift our focus to baseball.

As for the recap, it was a volatile week.  We started out on fire, had a very difficult Saturday, and then rebounded nicely on Sunday for another weekly almost-push.

NCAAB sides were our only losing set for the week, going an ugly 2-8, while the totals went 5-3 (overall -9.35 units).  The NHL had a great week, going 3-1 (+2.4 units).  The NBA was strong again, going 4-2 (+2.7 units).  Golf remained on fire, following up a 4-0 week last week by going 2-0 (+3.5 units) this week.  I can say with certainty that no one out there can match my team’s golf analysis.  For those of you less familiar with betting golf, I am going to publish a primer on it soon.  Overall record 16-14 (-.75 units).

I know that I don’t need to remind you, but I will anyway.  KrackWins is the ONLY place in the entire industry where you will get full transparency and where we apply the juice as well.  Other spots will only discuss their wins, forget about juice and either completely avoid mentioning their losses or hide them on the 8th page of their website.  We will never do that and never have.

Enjoy the approaching spring, get your pencils sharpened for your bracket, and let’s end the CBB year on a high note together.

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Author: Bill Krackomberger

Author: Bill Krackomberger

Professional Sports Bettor

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